Email Marketing Is NOT SPAM

“I’m an email marketer.”

Say that to your friends and you’ll hear things like:

“Oh you mean you send spam?”

“Nobody buys stuff from email!”

“People hate getting emails.”

Reality #1: When people join your email list, they expect to get emails from you.

Reality #2: Spam has a specific definition – unwanted, unsolicited emails.

Reality #3: Never take email marketing advice from a non-marketer, because what works in the real world is not obvious. Also see: The 500,000 Email Rule

Reality #4: Email is more relevant than ever.

Email engagement is 10X what you get on social media.

I get happy with a 5% engagement rate on a Tweet.

But with email, I shoot for a 60% open rate — and i get it:

*open rates are not 100% accurate – but they are still helpful in some ways

The truth is that emails can be entertaining for your audience.

If you write fun, snappy emails with a strong message, people will thank you for your emails.

I just got this from a reader:

Plus, the return on investment with email is insane.

ConstantContact shows that email marketing returns $36 for every $1 spent.

I’ve seen businesses make $1,000,000/year from a $99/month email account.

Email kicks ass because it helps you build relationships with your ideal customers.

I send my subscribers an email every 2 days.

Because if you’re willing to put up with that, you’re on board with my simple message.

What’s my message? That if you send fun, informative emails, people will do business with you.

Email also makes people stop and focus.

Imagine you open your inbox and you see my name “Michael Comeau.”

If you choose to engage, that’s a big step.

You’re not just seeing a Tweet in a Time Line, you’re saying “I’m going to stop and focus on what Michael is saying.”

And again, get 60%+ open rates on email.

For Twitter, I’m lucky if I get 5% engagement on a Tweet.

That’s why email is more relevant than ever.

Ignore your friends.

Email marketing is not spam.

Email marketing is entertainment for your audience, and a profit center for you.

Amateurs don’t understand this.

I hope you do.

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