The $1K+ Email Formula

Video Course: How to Sell Expensive Stuff Over Email in 6 Simple Steps

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  • How you can be a "Ferrari" and not a "Ford"
  • The #1 psychological quality your emails need to sell $1,000+ items
  • A simple, repeatable system for selling $1,000+ products and services over email
  • How to use your current offer to sell out your next one
  • How to build status to your email list and prospects
  • When you should NOT segment your list

(most important section of the video)

IMPORTANT: this FREE video training is not for total beginners. It is also not for desperate "get rich quick" types.

But if you do take the plunge and join, you will learn the exact system I've used to market expensive:

  • Subscription newsletters
  • Online communities
  • Online Courses
  • In-person events
  • Consulting & coaching services
  • Done-for-you services like freelance writing