The 500,000 Email Rule

The second of the 10 Commandments of email marketing is “when you send more emails, you make more money.

Once upon a time, I was running a one-day emails sales promo.

I planned to do 3 emails over the course of one day.

And the first one landed with a BANG.

The sales piled up right away.

Every time I refreshed the screen, I saw another buyer.

And another.

And another.

I’d sent 75,000+ emails with that first broadcast.

But something was missing…

Spam complaints.

Yes, I’d sent over 75,000 emails with a very aggressive sales message.

And gotten zero spam complaints.

So I said out loud “let’s go all-in.”

By the time I crawled into bed at 11:00 p.m., I did 7 separate sends.

That’s over 500,000 emails.

And it’s how I made the name “The 500,000 Email Rule.”

Had something like 8 spam complaints the whole day.

Even though each person got up to 7 emails. (they’d get removed from the sends when they bought)

And you know that some of those spam complaints were by accident.

So what’s “The 500,000 Email Rule?”


When you send more emails, you make more money.

And if your email are fun and easy to read, nobody gets mad.

In fact, your open rate goes up.

Before you get all hot and bothered, understand: this doesn’t work in every situation.

You can’t fix a bad offer with more emails.

You can’t fix a lousy product with more emails.

But when you do have an offer that converts, get more aggressive.

Sometimes, the stars align to get people in a buying mood.

And we don’t always know why.

Don’t let the moment pass you by.

Step on the gas.

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