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I'm teaching you everything I know about email marketing so you can start off on the right foot, and avoid mistakes that can set you back years.

Why You Need an Email List

why have an email list

You need an email list because email is the most profitable and flexible form of marketing. You can use email to boost your social media presence, make sales, nurture, customers, and more. See all the reasons why email rocks.

Why Email Marketing Still Works

why email marketing works

Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it's more alive than ever. Learn why email marketing is effective today, and why it will still work 10 years from now.  

18 Ways to Build Your Email List FAST

how to build an email list

Email marketing is powerful because it is cost effective and flexible. So you want to build your email list as fast as possible. Here are 18 ways to build your list fast this year.

Email Marketing Terms You Need to Know

email marketing terms

What does open rate mean? And click rate? And sender score?

Go here to learn email marketing lingo so you can sound smart at cocktail parties.

How Email Deliverability Works in Plain English

email deliverability

There's no point in sending emails that don't get delivered.

So learn the basics of email deliverability. It's simpler than you think, and critical for your long-term success.

Email Marketing Metrics Explained in Plain English and Ranked!

email marketing metrics explained

You can't manage, fix, or grow what you don't measure. So learn which email marketing metrics matter, and why. Make sure you focus on what matters, and what doesn't.

How to Boost Your Open Rates

how to increase your email open rate

If people don't open your emails, then why send them.

Learn to boost your open rate the smart way. Just beware: open rates are not as valuable as you think.

How to Boost Your Click-Through Rates

how to improve your click-through rates

Want to make money? Want people to read your articles and watch your videos? Then they have to get people to click!

How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email

how to write a welcome email

Your welcome email is one of the most important messages you'll send to your audience. It gives you maximum engagement at the start of a new relationship. So get it right.

12 Email Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making Now

email marketing mistakes

Step 1 in becoming an amazing email marketer is to stop making stupid mistakes. Here are 12 you can fix today. If you read one article on this site, this should be it!

How Email List Segmentation Works - and How It Can Cost You Money

email list segmentation

Everyone says segment your email list. But it may cost you money because you are sending emails to fewer people, breaks the 500,000 email rule.

Email Marketing Statistics

email marketing statistics

I have compiled an enormous list of email marketing industry statistics and benchmarks. It's everything you ever wanted to know about engagement rates, email volume, spam rates, the biggest email platforms, and more!