11 Reasons You Need an Email List

If you are serious about making money with your business – online or off – you need an email list.


You need an email list because email marketing is the most effective form of marketing known to man. Email gives you maximum profitability and flexibility, which is why even even social media giants like Facebook/Meta and YouTube are aggressive email marketers. It’s also why you are asked to enter your email address after you click on ads. Smart marketers know your email address is the most valuable piece of information they can have.

But you want more details, right?

So here’s 11 reasons why you should start an email list today, and why email is more relevant than ever:

1. You Get a Direct Connection With Your Biggest Fans

Imagine having 100,000 Twitter followers or YouTube subscribers.

Wouldn’t it be great to know which of the 100,000 are most likely to buy your products? And which ones are your biggest fans?

Then start an email list. Because if someone joins your list, you know they’re prime candidates for a deeper relationship.

2. You Own the Email List

You can’t download a list of TikTok or Snapchat followers.

But you can download your email subscriber list and move to any platform you want. I’m using ActiveCampaign right now. But if I wanted to, I could download my list and move to ConvertKit or Beehiiv in seconds.

And remember, it’s not email vs. social media, because…

3. Email Works Great With Social Media

Have a hot new Instagram Reel or YouTube video you want to promote? Send an email to ensure your biggest fans see it.

Plus, whenever a new social media platform appears, you can use your email list to pump up your follower count from the start.

When Meta launched Threads, smart marketers were mailing their lists to drive followers and engagement from day one.

That’s just one reason…

4. Email Marketing Is Insanely Flexible

Want to launch a new ebook or video course? Send an email.

Want to nurture a lead for your coaching program? Send an email.

Want to retarget nonbuyers who visited your checkout page? Send an email.

Want feedback on your content? Send an email.

Want to launch an affiliate program? Send an email.

Get it?

With email, you have your biggest fans in one place and you can reach them any time you want. And you can automate everything (more on this below).

5. High Engagement Rates Makes Email Perfect for Relationship Building

Email engagement is 10X what you get on social media.

I get happy with a 5% engagement rate on a Tweet.

But with email, I shoot for a 60% open rate — and i get it:

email open rates

*open rates are not 100% accurate – but they are still helpful

And because email engagement rates are so high, email is perfect for nurturing customers and building relationships.

6. Email Is Cost Effective With a High Return on Investment

ConstantContact shows that email marketing returns $36 for every $1 spent. 

In some months, I have earned over $100 for every $1 I spend on my email account.

I’ve seen businesses make $1,000,000/year from a $99/month email account.

Plus, services like ConvertKit let you start for FREE. 

7. Email Enables Targeted Marketing

Modern email platforms let you segment your audience based on factors like interests and purchase history.

So you can tailor your marketing messages to generate higher conversion rates.  

You can’t send a Tweet to people who bought your Golf 101 video course.

But you can do that with an automated email that will fire off based on your specifications. (more on this below)

8. Email Lets You Measure Results

Email marketing platforms provide detailed metrics so you can track open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics.

So you can analyze your results to improve your strategies over time.

Here are the 7 most important email marketing metrics, complete with rankings.

9. Email Lets You Test Just About Everything

You can’t split test two Tweets or YouTube videos to see which works better.

But with email, you can test:

  • Subject lines
  • Email content types
  • Email formats
  • Sending days & times
  • Messages

And more!

So if you want to know what makes your audience tick, you should use email to test.

Best of all, modern email tools make testing super easy.

10. Email Lets You Automate the Customer Journey

Modern email service providers provide extensive automation tools – and they’re easy to use.

Want to send a 4-email sequence only to people who click a particular link? You can do it with email.

Want to send an upgrade offer to buyers of your online course? You can do it with email.

Want to send a feedback survey to people who buy your digital product? You can do it with email.

Want to send a thank you email to each contact exactly 1 year after they join your list? You can do it with email. 

So you set up once, and the emails go out forever.

And at the end of the day…

11. An Email List Makes Your Business More Valuable

Ever bought or sold a company that does business online? The first question that gets asked is not “how many Twitter followers do you have?” or “how many YouTube subscribers do you have?”

It’s “what’s the status of your email list?”

Because the most important asset you can acquire is a healthy email list. And when that list is used well, it prints money. 

Want to get started in email marketing the smart way? Enter your email address below.

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