How to Write a Welcome Email

Your welcome email is the most important email you’ll write.

That’s when you greet people who join your list and set expectations for what you’re going to deliver.

Below, I’m going to show you my entire welcome email, but let’s first go through the basics of writing a great welcome email.

First things first, your welcome email needs a subject line.

You don’t have to complicate it because people will be looking for the email in your inbox.

Here are a few ideas:

    • Welcome to [INSERT YOUR LIST NAME]

    • IMPORTANT: Welcome to the family

    • Welcome – get your ebook

If your welcome email’s open rate is under 80%, switch up the subject line.

Next, you want to give people something to click on.

This could be a link to an eBook, video, or article.

You want clicks right off the bat to send a signal that this person wants your emails – a key aspect of email deliverability.

You may hear recommendations ask people to do things like:

    • Add your email address to their contacts

    • Move your emails from the Gmail Promotions tab to the Primary tab.

But in my experience, very few people will actually do those things.

So I shoot for clicks.

You also need to set expectations.

You need to let people know exactly what they’re getting, and how often they get it.

Is it 1 email a week? 3 emails a week?

Be super specific!

And tease what people are going to learn!

Now, want to see my welcome email?

Here it is:

Subject Line: Welcome - now get your bonus

IMPORTANT: please read this email all the way through. 
Welcome to your new email marketing adventure!
I want you to start on the right foot, so do this:

  • Pick up the email strategies ebook I promised you (this is normally a link)
  • Go here and tell me your goals in a 2-question survey  (this is normally a link)
  • Reply to this email and say "YES" so I know you got it

As a reminder, you'll get email marketing tips every 2 days.

All 100% straight talk in a fast format you can read in 30 seconds.

It's all based on real-world wins and losses.

You will learn:

  • My unique "write once, send forever" email strategy
  • How to get sky-high engagement on your emails
  • How to write emails at warp speed

So watch your inbox so you can get the results you want.

See you soon... 

-Michael Comeau

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