My Write Once, Send Forever Email Strategy

Most people send weekly email newsletters.

I email my list every 2 days, or 3.5 times per week.

The #1 question I get is “how do you come up with 3.5 new emails every week?”

The answer is… I don’t.

I write an email once, and I send it forever using a simple automated sequence in ActiveCampaign.

The automated sequence is programmed to send out the same series of emails to everyone that joins my email list.

Here’s how it works.

Say you join my email list. This is what you experience:

  • You get my welcome email right away
  • 2 days later at 12:00 p.m. you get email #1 in the automated sequence
  • 2 days after that, you get email #2
  • 2 days after that, you get email #3

Every person has the same experience.

And it just never end because I keep adding emails to the back of my list.

Here’s a snapshot from my ActiveCampaign account. These emails have never gone out:

But at some point, every person on my list will get them.

You can use the same strategy in ConvertKit, Keap/InfusionSoft, GetResponse, MailChimp, and just about every email sending provider on Earth.

As long as I write more than 3.5 emails a week, no one will ever hit the end of the sequence.

Some weeks I write 10 new emails for the sequence, and others I write 1. But I average 4-5 a week.

And that’s more than enough, even though I pull underperforming emails out of the sequence once a month. That keeps my open rates and other engagement metrics sky-high.

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