How I Got Started in Email Marketing

There’s a lesson in this story… see if you pick up on it before I reveal the secret later in this post.

“We need someone to write a sales email for the offer ,” she yelled.

“I’ll do it!”

That’s how I got started in email marketing.

I was a writer for a major financial news site which also offered investment newsletters and related services.

And I knew the writing was on the wall for my career writing business news and analysis.

At one time, I thought I’d be writing about stocks like Apple and Tesla for the rest of my life.

But content farms were popping up like crazy, and the ad market was collapsing.

I knew I had to pivot in my career to avoid being obsolete.

And I stumbled onto the idea of moving into marketing.

So I raised my hand.

And I wrote some of the worst garbage emails you’ve ever seen.

But I got started.

And even managed to make some sales.

Then I started writing emails for other stuff.

Webinars. Product announcements. Company updates. Thank you emails.

I started copywriting too, creating sales pages, order forms, and just about everything else that could go in a funnel.

And within 2 years, I went from feeling obsolete to having endless possibilities in the marketing world.

Through years of creating successful email campaigns, building funnels, designing products, taking courses, reading books, sending over 100,000,000+ emails, and performing 1,000+ split tests, I’ve learned what works.

I’ve learned how to sell products without turning off your audience.

And that’s what this site is all about — using email to build relationships that are:

  1. Positive; and
  2. Profitable

Because yes, you can make money and help people at the same time.

So… did you pick up on the lesson in this story?

The lesson is… tell stories in your emails.

I told you a story about how email marketing saved my career from going down the tubes.

So you know by now that:

  1. I have a lot of experience creating profitable email marketing campaigns
  2. Email marketing is a valuable skill

Tell me in the comments – where are you in your email marketing journey? And where do you want to go in the next 3 months?

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