My plumber is an email God

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Forget the big marketing gurus.

The best email marketer on Earth is my plumber.

He sends me an email every Saturday.

Just 4-5 sentences with some random home tip, like:

  • Leave the cold water running overnight when it’s freezing outside.
  • Clean the exhaust duct for the clothes dryer.
  • Double-check the hot water heater for leaks.

Then a reminder to call him if I need plumbing help.

And sometimes there’s an offer like “get 15% off a new boiler this week.”

Result: he’s top of mind when someone needs a plumber.

Nobody else sends me shit.

Not the electrician. Not the roofing guy. Not the exterminator.

The lesson: email will keep you top of mind, even if you don’t sell stuff online.

This plumber probably makes $300,000+ a year from a $300 MailChimp account.


P.S. I don’t like MailChimp because it’s expensive and hard to use.

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