On Typos in Email Marketing….

Last year, I met a beautiful girl.

Let’s call her Angela.

We had an amazing first date – a quick taco lunch turned into a winding 3-hour conversation about nothing and everything.

And when we were walking to the subway after, I made a joke.

A really bad joke.

About a building.

And Angela laughed.

She laughed a lot, throwing her head back with a huge smile on her face.

“She likes me.”

I knew it. And after a kiss goodbye, we agreed to a second date.

Now what does a girl laughing at a bad joke have to do with email marketing strategy?


I often say the #1 email marketing mistake is obsessing over little things instead of big ideas.

Typos are one of those little things.

Is it good to have typos in your emails?


But do types hurt your performance?

No. Here’s why.

Your fans – your true fans – will always forgive you.

They see the big picture of what you’re trying to accomplish.

They won’t be turned off by a typo.

The same way Angela wasn’t turned off by my dumb joke about a building. (man, I wish I could remember that)

And if a person is really upset by a typo… they were never into you in the first place.

I’ve had top performing sales pages run for months or even years with typos.

No one even noticed.

The cash just kept rolling in.

So again, are typos good?


Will they kill you?


If you spend more time checking your spelling than on your big ideas, you’re doomed.

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