High-Ticket Sales Over Email: A Simple 5-Step Process That Just Works

Welcome to the 10th edition of the world’s most dangerous email marketing newsletter.

Today’s topic: High-Ticket Sales Over Email

Yes, you can sell REALLY REALLY expensive stuff over email.

Well into the 4 or 5 or even 6 figures.

But not the way you think.

Stop thinking about the word “Sell.”

And start thinking about “High-Ticket Targeting.”

If you sell expensive services like 1:1 coaching and consulting, this email is for you.

Let’s break it down:

The Math of High-Ticket Targeting

You might have 50,000 people on your list, and 2,000 customers.

A new buyer isn’t taking your high-ticket item. (there are exceptions, of course)

That’s why we’ll focus on customers here.

And out of those 2,000 customers, you might have just 20 that are good fits for a high-ticket offer.

20 out of 2,000 sounds low.

Really low.

That’s 1% of your customers.

And 0.04% of your total list.

But it’s not just about how many are good fits.

It’s about how many are good fits RIGHT NOW.

Someone may have a bucket of cash ready to spend… but they’re going on a month-long vacation.

Or they’re in the middle of buying a company.

Or they just had a baby.

Whatever – there’s always a million reasons why “right now” isn’t the time.

So we want to go straight to those 20 golden potential customers.

Now, even though I said we want to target those 20 people, we want our emails to go to our whole list to build long-term awareness.

It also builds status for people to know you have high-priced services.

Read more about this strategy in my email segmentation guide.

But you must only sell to qualified people. 

Selling expensive things to people who aren’t ready for them will destroy your business.

You end up with Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission complaints plus massive customer service headaches.

Step 1: Start With a Tease

Your first email teases your high-ticket program, and it goes out to your whole list.

You don’t include any links because you’re trying to get on people’s radar.

Yes, theoretically, you could shoot a link to a check out page and some people may buy. 

But if you do that, you just might get the wrong customers – the impulse buyer that becomes a massive customer service headache because they are clearly not qualified.

Instead, you just focus on the high-level benefits of joining.

You don’t give all the nitty gritty details like dates and pricing.

Instead, you tell people to reply directly to your email if they want more details.

This way, you start conversations with the right people.

The people that reply to emails like this are white hot. These are your superfans.

I’d also resend this email to nonopeners at least once.

You can decide if they’re qualified, and you will likely sign up 2-4 people right off the bat.

And if you have an army of superfans, you might sell out your whole program.

But that’s unlikely in most cases, so you:

Step 2: Send an Application and Emphasize the Limited Quantity

Next, you want to announce the program is open for applications, and that some of the spots were taken.

Don’t lie about this. If you didn’t sell any spots, just don’t mention the quantity at all.

And yes, fake scarcity will get you in legal trouble.

You use the application to ensure people are the right fit, and to aid you in the sales process.

Because once you know someone’s goals, desires, and fears, your sales writes itself. 

And right here, you’ll close more people.

Step 3: Start One-to-One Reachouts Over Email

Now you have a decent number of people filling out your application so you start reaching out one-to-one.

This is a great place to get people on the phone or on Zoom to close them.

At this point, people have:

  • Opened and read your emails
  • Expressed interest by replying to your email and/or filled out your application

So you stay on top of these people to keep the sales coming in.

Step 4: Crank Up the Volume to the Rest of Your Email List

You turn up the heat.

You do this as the same top as Step 3.

You send more emails to your list, emphasizing the major benefits of your program and the limited scarcity.

You just keep on pushing people to that application and closing sales.

And you grind away until your program is full.

That’s when:

Step 5: You Announce the Program Is Full and Take Deposits for the Next One

As soon as you have all the people you can handle, you email your list and announce your program is full.

This will get some people interested for the future, and you can take deposits for the next round.

Need help filling up your high-ticket program? Get in touch.

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