Britney Spears Sucks at Email Marketing – This Is How I’d Fix It

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So why does Britney Spears suck at email? Story goes like this:

On July 11, I see on Twitter that Britney is writing a book ‘The Woman in Me.’

The date is important – remember “July 11.”

I click to the info page and I sign up for email updates because I want to see the email marketing

I’m writing this email on the morning of July 29 – 18 days later.

Don’t believe me? Here’s my computer screen:

Now I have a question for you.

Over 18 days, how many emails did I get about Britney’s book?


Because I was added to Simon & Schuster’s general email list.

Not a list to promote her book.

The only mention of Britney’s memoir was in an email with a list of books coming soon.

Let’s list out some of Britney Spears’ accomplishments:

  • 100+ million album sales
  • 1 Grammy award
  • 15 Guiness World Records
  • 6 MTV Video Music Awards
  • Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • 42 million Instagram followers

One of the most famous people to ever live.

And Simon & Schuster didn’t give her a single dedicated email.


There are so many things to learn here… and I’ll share two of them with you.

Then, I’ll explain how I’d do email marketing for Britney’s book.

#1 All Creators Need an Email List They Own and Control

Britney could get thousands of preorders with a single email, which would push her book up the charts.

It should be in the top 10 of all books on Amazon, and #1 in other categories like Memoirs:

Think about this: Britney’s fame is generating email leads for Simon & Schuster… who is not promoting her book over email.

They are promoting other people’s books.

That’s why you must own your list and guard it with your life.

You can make sure your work is promoted the way you want it.

#2 When You Know What People Want, Don’t Screw Around

When I sign up for info on Britney Spears, I want info on Britney Spears.

But no… I get emails about “Strange Sally Diamond:”

So if someone signs up to learn about your new product, FOCUS!

Give them opportunities to buy!

Do not distract them with anything else.

How I Would Use Email Marketing to Sell Britney’s Book

  1. Set up an optin page where you enter your email to get Chapter 1
  2. Send weekly emails teasing what you would learn in each chapter of the book, with a link to buy on Amazon

This stupid-simple process would be 1,000 times more effective than what Simon Schuster did.

And I’d use basic split tests to increase the conversion rates as best I could. 

Because when you have a big name and a hungry audience, you need to just say “here it is.”

Simon & Schuster isn’t even doing that.

Seriously Britney — I could set up the whole thing in 20 minutes and you’d be getting thousands of preorders every week.
You know how to reach me…

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