What Is the Best Industry for Email Marketers?

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I just got this DM on Twitter:

So how do I answer: “What would you say is the best industry to target as an email marketer?”

The best industry for email marketers is the industry you know best. Having in-depth industry knowledge helps you relate better to clients, and gives you endless ideas for email content. But overall, the best industries to target are health, wealth, and relationships. Because people will pay money for things like weight loss, financial advice, and dating tips.

What industries do I target? Marketing, ghostwriting, guitar, and photography.

Because I know these industries well, which means I can speak to the needs and wants of customers and potential clients.

I also have deep expertise in financial services and stock trading, but I don’t work in those industries because of a conflict of interest.

Now, if you are looking for a new industry to target, I suggest focusing on the classic 3 marketing categories:

  • Health: exercise, supplements, pharmaceuticals
  • Wealth: finance, crypto currency, wealth management, stock market, etc.
  • Relationships: dating, sexuality, communications, interpersonal skills

Because people are willing to pay real money to be healthier, earn more money, and have better relationships.

Of course, each of these industries is a challenge to break into because there is a lot of competition and the learning curve is steep.

So to get hired, you need credibility.

I recommend reading 100 books on whatever industry you choose.

If you want to do email marketing for dating coaches, read 100 dating books.

If you want to be a financial copywriter, read 100 books about the stock market.

This way, you’ll have the knowledge you need to connect with clients.

Even if you don’t need that knowledge to write emails, you need to speak the right language to sell your services.

And having expert-level knowledge lets you sell related services like sales page copywriting and more.

So pick a field where people are paying money for solutions now, and become an expert.

That’s my advice.

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